An interesting fact is that there are also people who live surrounded by an indomitable nature. That people besides a volcano prepare food in the ground, or that in geyser Lakes wellness is offered.

dated 2007 until 2016 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Wishing Well Eroded


The rocks, named "Wishing Wells", I made from the idea that anyone would like to change something at some point. The depths of the depths in wonderful color in a polluting pond give a double feel. Because the water is no water and in we don't believe in wishing wells for a long time. This work I created on canvas, where the water breaks out, turns edges into filigree. Water is always moving, people are too. We move and change, break out and adjust again.

Digging deep


  Digging deep is the title of another work from the series Wishing well . A river or spring breaks the shore of a lake and let the water drain out. Water gives and takes water . What happened? How will it effect the surrouding landscape?

Lace in water


Beauty of transience

Water flow - Rotterdam


  "Met de stroom mee" is a series that I want to make about landscapes where water is a major player in forming a landscape. A settlement on the water upon which human law intervention grows into a world port. Control and reduction of waterways to create an habitable area I felt like forming a city structured by erosion.

Wishing Well


Wishing Wellis about giving and taking.

Cascade II


Water flowing

Coking Pot II


Work based on first version of Cooking Pot from 2007. Heat and cold contrast in color.



The river that flowed back to the source.

Jacuzzi II


Spring in volcanic rock



We search for balance in our strive to create a world of living in comfort and at the same time we try not to polute and destroy this world. My work Jacuzzi is inspired by the people of Sao Miguel, The Azores, where they use the hot water well to prepare their food in the ground next to it and the water itself for its healthy minerals. For me a spring is an symbol for the origin of water itself.

Cooking Pot


Cooking pot is originated from the fact that there are people who prepare their food close to a volcano.