In August 2005, I was in a cave carved by a river near Arbois, Jura, in France. I could keep looking at the flow of water piercing down, eroding the most beautiful basins, kettles called. The color, the velocity of the water, I wanted to be able to . I could hardly stop watching. I wanted to share this sense of everything continues to flow, no matter what happens.

An example for this are the works 'Ketel' and 'Cascade'. We force the landscape in which we live, in order to create a livable and usable environment. The Netherlands, a country actually half lying below sea level, is a good example for how we can create such an area. I feel that whatever we do, we are never above nature, because we 're part of it. An image of nature shaped by human hands, cobbled pieces nature, will, when neglected, always return to it's original function from the Earth's crust, water, plants.