When I wrote my final papers in March 1997 for my final exams at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, NL), I was greatly inspired by the idea of the public art experience.
For me a good work of art can fill or even dominate an entire room. Creates a different world. A world where you either want to be part of or you immediately want to flee from. This makes for me the difference between a good work of art or just a painting or image.
In my last year of study at the Academy I made a trip to Bologna to follow their class of theatre design at the Academia di belle Arti. I wanted to learn about theatre/decor designs and direction. In my opinion a good performance is one where public becomes part of the art expression, identifies itself with or rather take distance from. You have to deal with extra dimension: time.
My graduation work consisted of a quintet of frozen string instruments where the music was made by movement of dancers in conjunction with their use of the voice.
In my current work I respond to landscape which is created on the drawing board of architect and urban designer, the environment where I live. Nature fights back it's way right through the asphalt.

In early 2005, I joined an art platform, the current Artgroup Maaskunst, where artists from different disciplines and several nationalities come together.

Esther Vogel (1974, Rotterdam)


1994-1997 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1996-1997 Academia di belle Arti, Bologna, Italy